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Netatmo Get Addwebhook

Links a callback url to a user.

Netatmo Post Createnewschedule

The method createnewschedule creates a new schedule stored in the backup list.

Netatmo Get Devicelist

The method devicelist returns the list of devices owned by the user, and their modules. A device is identified by its _id (which is its mac address) and each device may have one, several or no modules, also identified by an _id.

Netatmo Get Dropwebhook

Dissociates a webhook from a user.

Netatmo Get Getcamerapicture

Returns the snapshot associated to an event.

Netatmo Get Geteventsuntil

Returns the snapshot associated to an event.

Netatmo Get Gethomecoachsdata

The method gethomecoachsdata Returns data from a user Healthy Home Coach Station (measures and device specific data).

Netatmo Get Gethomedata

Returns information about users homes and cameras.

Netatmo Get Getlasteventof

Returns most recent events.

Netatmo Get Getmeasure

The method getmeasure returns the measurements of a device or a module.

Netatmo Get Getnextevents

Returns previous events.

Netatmo Get Getstationsdata

The method getstationsdata Returns data from a user Weather Stations (measures and device specific data).

Netatmo Get Getthermostatsdata

The method getthermostatsdata returns information about user's thermostats such as their last measurements.

Netatmo Get Getthermstate

The method getthermstate returns the last Thermostat measurements, its current weekly schedule, and, if present, its current manual temperature setpoint.

Netatmo Get Getuser

The method getuser returns information about a user such as prefered language, prefered units, and list of devices.

Netatmo Get Partnerdevices

The method partnerdevices returns the list of device_id to which your partner application has access to.

Netatmo Get Setpersonsaway

Sets a person as 'Away' or the Home as 'Empty'. The event will be added to the user???s timeline.

Netatmo Post Setthermpoint

The method setthermpoint changes the Thermostat manual temperature setpoint.

Netatmo Post Switchschedule

The method switchschedule switches the Thermostat's schedule to another existing schedule.

Netatmo Post Syncschedule

The method syncschedule changes the Thermostat weekly schedule.

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